Our team of event specialists has decades of experience planning events to suit all clients. Whether your team of 10 needs weekly boxed lunches, or you’re looking to hold a celebration barbecue for 3,000位客人, A Spice of Life is your go-to catering and event-planning partner.

We bring tireless passion and enthusiasm to everything we do, and always strive to craft events worthy of the wonderful clients we work with. 在路上的每一步, we use our expertise and superior knowledge of industry trends to help you confidently execute all aspects of your event, 包括场地走查, 专业租赁协调, and third-party vendor communication.













热早餐 & 午餐


零食 & 糕点服务




The safety and health of your guests is of utmost importance to our team. Our current menus are menus are designed with flexible service options in mind. 联系 your event specialist to learn about which style of service is right for your needs.

~单独包装 & reheatable in compostable containers~

~delivered buffet-style to be set up and broken down by our staff~

~staffed as a fully-serviced event~

{If you’d like to read up on more specifics, please visit our 冠状病毒的政策 页面}


下面是一个 短暂的抽样 我们最喜欢的一些东西. Call or email us today to see our full range of offerings and create a custom menu that will make your day unforgettable.

大陆式早餐 |自制早餐面包 & pastries | bagels with cream cheese | OZO organic house blend
西南早餐 | scrambled eggs with green chilies, cheddar jack cheese, tomatoes, & black beans | roasted fingerling & sweet potato hash with caramelized onions | chorizo sausage | pico de gallo | OZO organic house blend
煎饼早餐 | buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup & whipped butter | bacon | scrambled eggs | OZO organic house blend
早餐Taco酒吧 | flour tortillas | scrambled eggs | chorizo | cotija cheese | pico de gallo | sour cream | smoky red potato hash with sweet onions & 红辣椒

威士忌烤牛腩排 | whiskey mustard demi-glace | grilled baguette | arugula salad with toasted almonds, goat cheese, & champagne vinaigrette | citrus roasted baby carrots | buttermilk mashed potatoes
泰式咖喱鸡 | thai red curry with seasonal vegetables | papaya salad with bell pepper, 豆薯, 烤花生, 混合蔬菜, & honey lime vinaigrette | pineapple rice | lime wedges & 香菜
鸡鸡肉卷棒 | elote corn salad | sauteed bell peppers & onions | black bean rice | cheddar jack cheese | guacamole | sour cream | diced tomatoes | shredded lettuce | warm flour tortillas | pico de gallo | pico de gallo
慢火烤猪肉的肩膀 | smoky tomato jam | southwest caesar salad with romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, herbed croutons, & housemade spicy caesar dressing | cumin roasted new potatoes | sauteed raja vegetables | sesame brioche buns
鹰嘴豆马沙拉 | grilled naan | basmati rice | 香菜 chutney | yogurt | indian cucumber salad
牛排烤花椰菜 | caper bagna cauda | tuscan kale salad | grilled 西葫芦 | toasted farro pilaf

鸡肉或豆腐班米 | hoisin-grilled chicken or tofu | cucumbers | pickled vegetables | sliced jalapeño | 香菜 | sriracha aioli | ciabatta roll
西南俱乐部 | roasted turkey breast | bacon | avocado | cheddar cheese | lettuce | tomato | herbed mayonnaise | ciabatta roll
烤上一轮牛肉 | roast beef | cheddar cheese | tomato | lettuce | creamy horseradish dressing | ciabatta roll
卤烤蔬菜 | portobello mushroom | 西葫芦 |茄子 | roasted red peppers | provolone | basil pesto aioli | ciabatta roll
| fresh mozzarella | tomato | lettuce | herbed aioli | basil pesto | extra virgin olive oil | ciabatta roll

*available boxed or presented buffet-style; comes with side salad, 腌黄瓜矛, 薯片, 厨师的选择甜点

Charred Brussels Sprout Crostini | ricotta, roasted pine nuts, dried cranberries
Ahi Canapé | wasabi aioli, sweet soy glaze, wonton crisp
野蘑菇面包布丁 | truffle oil infused pesto, brie cheese
汉堡滑块 | hatch green chili, cheddar cheese, roasted garlic aioli, lettuce, brioche bun
西葫芦来 | basil, roasted tomato, fresh mozzarella
藏红花意式焗饭 house-made sundried tomato pesto
毛豆鹰嘴豆泥迷你玉米卷 | red quinoa, pico de arbol, wonton shell
烟熏甜菜Crostini | horseradish creme, baby arugula, radish, chive oil
烤白芦笋 & 辣椒山羊奶酪 熏火腿包裹的|
辣炸鸡块 | jalapeño aioli, candied bacon, jalapeño cheddar biscuit
烧烤蔬菜与萨巴 |茄子, 西葫芦, 西葫芦, 波多贝罗蘑菇, 芦笋, 百慕大洋葱, 烤甜椒


St. Louis Style Coffee-Rubbed Pork Ribs


丹家烧烤酱| 经典、甜蜜、温暖、丰富
OZO咖啡烧烤酱 |烟熏味,浓烈,甜蜜,大胆
蓝莓烧烤酱 |水果味,肉桂味,明亮
Chermoula腌料 草本,烟熏,柑橘

罗宾经典土豆沙拉| red potatoes, chopped egg, pickes, dijon mayonnaise
韩国凉拌卷心菜 | julienne red peppers, napa cabbage, carrots, red onion, sesame-soy dressing
House-Smoked Seasonal Vegetables | served chilled, drizzled with saba
西南藜麦色拉 | avocado, black beans, bell peppers, corn, tomatoes, chipotle vinaigrette

迷你蛋糕|  热棕榈酒:威士忌,蜂蜜 & lemon | luck of the irish: baileys, chocolate, & 浓缩咖啡
Chef’s Choice Housemade Cookies & 酒吧
迷你条状拿 | choice of pastry cream: praline, chocolate, pistachio, vanilla, coconut
Chef’s Selection of Cupcakes |
customize your desserts to include your company’s logo, colors, and more!